Flashbacks are good….

Many would say that we shouldn’t live in the past and that so true, don’t live it. Write and read later int eh future about it so you can remind yourself of your own mistakes and strive to keep your mistake in the past and not a repeated game. My family would say im totally crazy for writing my past and thinking of what to do to make sure i don’t do it again but i look at my past and i lived my life of twenty years and almost twenty-one. Which i wanna take and start twenty-one year with a BLAST! i wanna seek the fun and the great adventures this world can give me. I wanna live a life, not just sit in a couch and write about it. I wanna write and tell stories to the next generation about my adventures and flaws and my rollercoaster of a life so they can learn from me a bit and take there life to a much better level then i did at this age. I want to look down later and have no regret of what choices ive made in my life. I hoep others do to. Writing this stuff down reminds me of the pregantice scare me and jovan had, and how he acknowledge me that he would help thats if i were prego, which meant waiting patiently to find out when taking this test, it was the longest two mins ive ever had in my life, and it made me think of the choices i was make and i was relfecting alot because if i was pregnant that meant my goals and life would change automaticlly and that wasnt good on my part cuz it just terrified me even more because that meant no more dancing no more school, all it would be was raising a child and having the money and mental awareness of how to be a mother at the age of twenty and having a partner that i wasn’t even a companion just a guy i bearly liked and was learning more about at the time. Whcih mean what if we don’t seem to be that couple that would be anywhere interested in marriage or that our child would be raised in to seperate homes and families and that hard for one to have. It opened my eyes so much when i was reflecting in those two mins because my life wasnt going to change but everyone i know and love and my partner life and family and loved ones. It one scary thing when its not expectec or plan. Life has little time i needed to realize that any choice i make in life can change a whole course of my life and that i need to be more delicate and more prayed and confident in the choices i was making. I should n’t have been careless about the choice and should have realized that time is to litte and can be too late so i have to pray and plan and be hopeful of the choice i make will make me and my future family happy in the long run.

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