The UnQuestionable

We all have that one person that you have drunk goggles on and dont notice anythign wrong with them. Well ive had Drunk goggles on guys alot. Just recently I’ve spent alot of time with this boy i met at my church and he seemed legit and seemed to be a gentlemen. But then again i have my drunk goggles on so i didn’t see the bad in him, i looked at himas an great example because of what i wanted to see. I hope so much of hope that i find that right guy that im to blind to see the bad. So when i found out recently that hes lied not to me but to a friend of mine it pissed me off so bad. i thought that things with him would make me better, to help me be a better person. But what i didnt realize that he was just as human as i am, still figuring things out for himself and have almost about the same flaws as mine. But what sickens me is the fact that i know he could be such a great guy and has great potential yet doesn’t even know it. Maybe the unquestionable thing is why do we not see our own potential. Many Sociogolist i know would give me all the same anwsers that we want to always see the good in everyone but we ourselves have a hard time seeing our ownself why cuz of its own nature. I personally think we all just try to see it and thats part of our Godly flaws we wont truely know our purpose until after this life, or maybe right towards death when we have seen it all here on Earth. I’ve learned with this guys bad ambitions that i need to stop focusing on the right one and find out something much bigger which is knowing who i am, and what my purpose is and find myself in this crazy world of ours. many girls would see it has a way of calling him a dick and blaming him for our annual feelings but i look it has a great oppurtunity to seek the best thing for myself in this world and blast out into the world and show everyone my full and true potential. And you know i can’t wait because that means a start of a new not just year but i know view of what i want my life to be. No more guys which mean no drunk goggles. Which means less drama and more fun 🙂

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