starter of my personal life to the WORLD!

I thought that many people bring out there personal thoughts to the social media by twitter or facebook book. But really they just start and don’t finish the thought or don’t even have the gut. Well i personally think that i can write my personal thoughts and memories to the WORLD because i have nothing to hide. I might be ashamed but who isn;t. We all are human, why do we judge each other. Oh wait that’s right, we judge because it either makes sense relgiously or because it makes of feel better about ourselves for a little while. Well im tired of that! i personally think that no one has the guts to say what they really feel. I REALLY feel like God sometimes sucks. Why?! Because i have gone through to much that i can bearly hold myself together. i wasn’t ready to get RAPED, but then again who is! i though made the mistake to not go to court about it and let the guy wonder off to possibly do it to someone else. And i have that guilty upon me every day of my life. So yeah thats why god sucks. Also GOD sucks sometimes because i never feel anything towards him never have. People say espically Mormons (which is the church my family believes in) have these feels that i never understand or experienced, and it sad. It makes me wonder though if they really are having those feelings or experiences just to motivate you to believe and have hope that you will have what they might have. I alway wonder if i have journeyed to the wrong place for years and that im just have this HUGE HOPE of having those great experiences or share i feeling i had that i know im not alone after this world. But i think ill never know. But then again maybe im just not being hopeful or in my parents preference¬† “im not having faith”. I don;t fucking even have faith in Santa Clause (a simple yet ridiculous childhood imagination) how in the Hell am i suppose to have faith in the serious things in life. if you can’t believe in the samll things, how do you belive in the big?

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